Do You Know Your Audience?

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Social Media

Social media allows us to reach the public with ease and convenience. From informative posts to promotional offers to entertaining content, social media platforms allow businesses to keep their followers informed and engaged. However, no matter how great the content, it means nothing if it doesn’t land in front of the right audience. 

A new car insurance company opens up in a big city where public transportation is more common than driving. They focus all their efforts on advertising but don’t pay attention to the demographics they’re projecting to. Most of their marketing is seen by an audience who doesn’t own a car! Money is wasted on ads that aren’t seen by the right people all the time.

Targetting Your Audience

One of the greatest social media advertising tools is being able to choose who sees what ads. If the new car insurance company wants to increase sales, they’re better off focusing on an audience that does own cars. Instead of advertising in the city, they should start advertising in more suburban areas where families are more likely to live. Social media allows us to narrow down our target audience based on age, gender, home ownership, income, marital status, location, and more. This helps maximize the money spent on ads as well. 

It is also important to think about what kind of content the target audience would respond to best. Families with children will probably respond more to savings since raising a family is expensive. A newer driver might prefer a company that offers a discount for safe driving. Younger crowds may respond well to posts that follow current social media trends and memes. It might feel silly to relate certain content to social media trends, but accounts that stay in tune with the current tone of social media tend to perform extremely well. Remaining lighthearted but informative is always a safe route. 

Figuring out what audience to project to can be a daunting task at first. Putting in too many demographic selections and interests can narrow your audience down in a negative way, whereas not defining it enough can cause the advertisement to reach the wrong audience. Pick a couple of identifying factors and run with it. The good news is that demographics and audience preferences can always be changed! If you find yourself needing someone with experience in defining an audience, call KreativElement!

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