Why Invest In Mid-Roll Video Ads

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Videography

Why Invest in Mid-Roll Video Ads

Have you wanted to invest a bit more in video advertising but not sure where to publish them? Here are some reasons why you should invest in mid-roll video ads.

If you haven’t heard or know what a mid-roll video is, no worries we can introduce you. A mid-roll video ad, simply means advertisers have the option to run their ads not only at the beginning of a video but also during the middle.

Similar to news feed ads, mid-roll ads are delivered based on audience type. Viewers may see different ad breaks than others based on interests and behaviors while engaging in the same video content.

The theory is that since viewers have already taken part in most of the video content when a mid-roll ad appears, the chances of them continuing to finish the rest of the video is extremely high.

This year alone, video ad spending is expected to reach $15.42 billion and hit nearly $22.18 billion by 2021. According to eMarketer, mid-roll video ads offer solid returns on investments.

Viewers are Familiar and Uninterrupted by Mid-Roll Videos

Television has been using this “mid-stream” ad process for years now and it has not prevented viewers from not finishing the program. Similar to commercials airing during a television program, mid-roll ads fit that mold where viewers are unphased by a brief pause from a video.

The Rewards are Worth the Risks

There’s always risks and downfalls with any media campaign, it’s no different when it comes to mid-roll ads. Many viewers may find them annoying, get frustrated and say they may never use a company’s service or product due to interrupting their video. This may be true for some viewers, however, numbers don’t lie, the completion rates for mid-roll ads are just too good to pass up.

Therefore, the pros definitely out weight the cons when it comes to mid-roll video strategies for businesses not to consider.

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