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by | Nov 1, 2022 | Business

With many unforeseen worldly circumstances over the last three years, we have seen a tremendous shift in the desire and promotion of supporting local businesses. Without this movement, many mom-and-pop shops wouldn’t have survived. Here at Ke, we support over 400 local businesses nationwide. We help them elevate their digital marketing presence to continue to move the needle. But, we do think it’s about time to address the elephant in the room… locally owned and operated franchises. 

With the “Support Local” movement, there has been a noticeable and intentional separation between those who own/support local franchise groups and those who don’t. So much so that there are even local business Facebook groups that franchise owners aren’t allowed to be in. KreativElement would like to help you see local franchise groups from a different perspective. 

  • Many of the franchisees are native to Omaha just like you. Some of them may even live in your neighborhood. 
  • These businesses help bring more jobs to our local communities. In just Nebraska and Iowa alone, 158,000 jobs are attributed to franchising. Which equates to 13 billion dollars in economic output. 
  • Many franchise groups have actually originated out of Omaha, Nebraska. 
  • Local franchise owners pay local taxes, which ultimately helps build new schools, repairs roads, and supports emergency services. 
  • The owners of these franchises volunteer in your local community as well as raise their families here. 
  • For many of these local franchise owners, their business directly refers and collaborates with other local businesses. 

So, even though the franchise in the plaza up the road might not scream “local” to you, we really encourage you to consider what it looks like from their lens. If you’re a business owner, franchise or not, and would like to chat about your digital marketing, reach out! Because here at KreativElement, we believe in helping ALL local businesses.

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