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Jedi Mind Tricks to Use on Your Social Media

Jedi Mind Tricks to Use On Your Social Media

When it comes to your social media are you a Jedi Master or a still a young padawan? If your business isn’t effectively using social media, it’s missing out. Not only is it an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, you can build relationships with your audience, drive traffic...

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Consistent Branding: As Seen On TV

Consistent is one of the best things your brand can be. We know, we know, that sounds kind of boring. There are so many other adjectives brands want to be, like innovative, fun, and trustworthy. But before your brand can be any of those things, consistent branding is a...

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Let’s Hear It: Defining Your Brand’s Voice in 3 to 4 Words

Have you ever noticed some brands have a lot of personality and others really don’t? Just think about scrolling through your social media. We know there’s at least one brand that is constantly posting hilarious updates, making you laugh out loud nearly every day. Then there are the brands...

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INTRO: Meet Mike!

HELLO! Hey everyone – it’s Mike – and I’m one of the newest members of the KreativElement team! I recently joined the fine folks down here at the Mastercraft building as their Director of Design, and I’m excited to be in the mix. I thought it would be best...

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