Why You Should Be The Face of Your Brand

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Content Strategy, Social Media, Videography

As the face of your company, you instill trust in your customers, and provide them with insight into the personality of your operations.

YOU Are the Essence of Your Brand, Your Voice is the Brand’s Identity

So many times we have clients who are hesitant to be in front of the camera. But who knows better about a brand than the owner themselves? Who is going to be more passionate and knowledgeable on their business than them? We always encourage clients to be in their own marketing. Being in your videos and being in your branding photography is so important because YOU represent your brand. Your business IS you. It wouldn’t exist without you!

A Face to a Name

Humans tend to be pretty visual creatures, and having you or someone associated with your brand can help give potential clients a visual to hold onto. You know the phrase, “putting a face to a name?” We can utilize this here. Our brains are better equipped at storing visual data, such as a face, rather than a name. With this, we are providing the clients with someone who will act as the expert on your company. This will also help people understand that your company is a REAL business with REAL people involved. In this digital age, things are easy to automate and scams are everywhere. Being in your videos will give people reassurance that they’re supporting a real business. Taking away that anonymity will give your potential clients familiarity and comfort.

People Invest in People

People are inclined to invest their time and money into other people, rather than faceless companies, which is why having yourself in your marketing can be crucial to your business’s success. People want to get to know businesses on a personal level, they want to know who they are supporting, who the brand represents, what kind of people are interested in this business, and letting your personality shine through in video and photo content is one way to do this. Being the face of your company is no easy task, but it can truly bring to life your brand’s vision, values, and story. With social media and the rise in popularity for online review sites, small businesses have never been held accountable more than they are now. While some may find this intimidating, this can be an opportunity to grow your audience. 

So, the next time you are planning out a video or photo shoot, think about how you can incorporate yourself into them. Whether you are there as a way to introduce other sources, or testimonials, or you’re there for every video and photo, being involved can make a big impact.

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