5 Video Types For Your Organization to Use

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Business, Videography

5 Types of Video for your Organization

Hi I’m Zech, videographer here at KreativElement.

In this video we’ll be talking about the different types of videos you can use to bolster your video marketing.

What Does Type of Video Mean?

Every different type of video has its strong points and its weak points, and there are so many different types of videos creatively speaking that can be made. Some don’t even have their own type and they’re just very unique and wonderful.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list of types of videos and they’re not the only videos that you can make. So, here’s the top five types of videos that an organization can use.

Number one is the corporate opener video, otherwise known as a corporate “about us” because it sits on the about us page of a website.

This video shows the culture and the main primary mission of the organization. These videos sometimes even talk about the company history, depending on how long it has been around. It can be shot documentary interview style or it can be a more produced and presented type of style.

So, imagine me talking about KreativElement and its history with some new video produced or some video taken from the archives. There are so many different ways you can make this video that I won’t have time to go over all of them. So, check out a few companies’ Vimeo pages to find some ideas.  Here is a Vimeo page to a wonderful modern documentary style about us film about a video game company. Type number two is similar to the corporate video but it goes more in depth about a particular product or service of that organization. I call it a services video, because it goes into a detailed explanation of a service. Since this video goes into what a service can do and why someone wants to use that service or buy that product, it can be shot in a lot of ways. It can be someone talking or it can be an animation video, but the simplest way is to just have someone talking so we’ll get more into that in a second.

A lot of times, you might see this on an Amazon product where there will be images and a video. That’s a services or product video. They’re sort of the same thing, depending on your organization.

Number three, the one you’re probably most familiar with, is the testimonial video. Testimonials can be in text form or they can be in video form, and a lot of times you want both. You want to take the video and separate it into text to use on different mediums. 

The testimonial video is probably the most well-known video and for good reason. It’s one of the most emotional and impactful types of videos there are. However, sometimes if drawn out too long, it can get a little boring. You want to be careful about which testimonial stories you select to use.

If you don’t have any happy clients that are willing to be on camera – sometimes that just happens – it’s best to move on and not worry about making a testimonial video. Instead, focus on making some other type of video that will have an equally strong impact.

Type number four is the talking head video. Talking head is similar to this video where I’m just talking to the camera. Though a talking head video is part of almost every other video, a true talking head video specifically means just a talking head with maybe some graphics and b-roll. It depends on what you want to do with the video and whether or not there will be b-roll animation. Sometimes it can be turned into a more promotional piece.

The primary categorization of this video is someone talking to the camera straight on. A talking head video is the fastest and easiest to produce as long as you have a good spokesperson who is comfortable on camera and has some personality. This type of video can have an especially great return on investment.

The last type of video I’ll be talking about today is a commercial or a promotional video. This type of video is all about the product. It highlights the product or service in a very high production value way and builds a lot of hype, want, or FOMO (fear of missing out).

A commercial or promo can mesh all of the different types of videos together, creating a very impactful video. The main draw for a commercial or promo is the high production value.

When creating any video, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. So, keep thinking about what your viewers might like the most and what type of video they will respond to.

Here at KreativElement, we can help you decide what type of video will best suit your needs as an organization. Let us know if you’d like help with your video creation. And if you want to watch more of these videos, please click the link after this video and hit that subscribe button.

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