A Conversation with Social Media Manager Maura Hanzek

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Content Strategy, Social Media, Videography

Why is a social media manager important and what do they do?

In this video, I sat down with Ke social media  manager, Maura Hanzek. We discussed why social media is important for small businesses and some key factors needed to take over a company’s social media accounts.

Maura enlightened me on how to determine what kinds of content to post, how she creates content, and what key elements to really focus on. She also took the time to explain how often traditional sales-driven content should be posted as opposed to more personable, engagement-driven content.

As a social media manager at KreativElement, Maura manages several local businesses’ social media accounts and is an expert in tailoring content for each company’s unique audience. To learn more about the friendly faces that work here at KreativElement.  

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